V12 Vantage S - Extreme sports.


The Most Extreme Aston Martin

The V12 Vantage was an unprecedented engineering achievement. Combining a V12 engine with our lightest sports-car in a package of pure aggression.

We could have stopped there, we didn’t. An even lighter chassis, an even more powerful engine, an even more responsive transmission. V12 Vantage S – the most ferocious Aston Martin ever produced.


Breath-taking Performance

An advanced engineering story told by monumental numbers. 15kg lighter than V12 Vantage. 573PS of power. 620Nm of peak torque. With enhanced low and mid-range power the new-generation AM28 engine pushes the V12 Vantage S to a top speed of 205mph, creating the fastest series production model we’ve ever made.

Introducing Sportshift III

Sportshift III, a new seven-speed AMT transaxle gearbox specifically designed to tap the potency of V12 Vantage S. Seamless gear changes at high engine speeds. Advanced light-touch paddleshifts giving maximum driver control as both hands remain on the wheel. A transmission derived from the Vantage GT programme brings motorsport engineering and race-car capability to the road.

Agility & Ability

The controlled power of V12 Vantage S comes with revolutionary levels of response to driver input. Three-stage adaptive damping. All new carbon ceramic brakes. A unique track-mode with delayed anti-lock braking technology. This isn’t technology to aid the driver, it’s technology that puts the driver in control.

Distinctive New Styling

Extreme performance. Extreme styling. A bold new carbon fibre grille marries design and engineering to improve airflow whilst defining a more aggressive front profile. New roof and rear graphics packs. Lightweight forged alloy wheels. All new interior finishes on seats, doors and controls. Never opulent but always dramatic the V12 Vantage S is tailored for a visceral driving experience.

Extreme Sports Extreme Figures

Unprecedented performance levels from world-class engineering. V12 Vantage S produces extraordinary figures. 573PS, 11% more than V12 Vantage, 620Nm of torque, a 9% increase, combined with a weight saving of 15kg 'power to weight' increases by more than 10%.

One final figure – 205mph – V12 Vantage S powers to the title of the quickest production Aston Martin in history.

Incredible Underbody Engineering

Our engineers set out to create a car that delivered you accessible performance and more excitement - whatever the conditions. New technology. Innovative, patented solutions. World-class partners. They came together to create a car like no other, a car you’ll love driving.

A new-generation engine, new Sportshift III transmission, new Adaptive Damping, just three elements of our engineering story. Discover the underlying technology which makes V12 Vantage S the best Vantage we’ve ever made...

The New AM28 Engine

The new-generation AM28 V12 engine delivers exceptional performance. Integrated with our ‘Gen4’ VH architecture this combination drives peak power to 565bhp and a phenomenal top speed of 205mph. An advanced engine management system controls AM28 alongside the debut of Dual Variable Camshaft Timing and knock-sensing - all improving efficiency and engine capability.

An Architectural Philosophy

Gen4 VH architecture, the latest evolution of our world-renowned and admired construction philosophy. Lightweight aluminium is joined with epoxy resin used in aerospace engineering. Gen4 - specifically engineered for V12 Vantage S - is more rigid than ever before. Holding the all new AM28 engine within the smallest Aston Martin chassis, our VH architecture has delivered again - flexibility, performance, the core to a pure driving experience.

More Power, More Often

The AM28 engine increases peak power to 565bhp, but alongside this is instantly accessible torque throughout the rev range. Even at 1000rpm there is an additional 70Nm of torque compared to our previous model. Increased acceleration throughout the gears means a consistent performance graph. V12 Vantage S doesn’t just peak, V12 Vantage S gets ahead and stays ahead.

Maximised Airflow

To manage the enhanced power from AM28 we re-engineered airflow management to improve cooling and engine performance. The new carbon fibre front grille, mesh aperture and air ducts were designed and engineered to feed as much air into the radiator. Maximum cooling efficiency is achieved before air exits via the carbon fibre bonnet louvres.

Aerodynamic Performance

A compact, simple design means uninterrupted exterior airflow. Advanced technical solutions ensure that underbody and through-flow is just as smooth. With the new front grille improving air intake and air velocity both the Sportshift III transmission block and all-new exhaust muffler were shaped to provide maximum downforce. Engineered as a whole rather than a sum of parts, V12 Vantage S utilises all of Aston Martin’s 100 years of engineering excellence.

  • Maximum Power 565 hpat 6750 rpm
  • Maximum Speed 205 mphover 328 km/h
  • 0-62 mph 3.7 sec0-100km/h
  • Maximum Torque 457 lbs/ftat 5750 rpm
  • Maximum Revs 6750 rpmV12
Aston Martin Power
AM28 all-alloy, quad overhead camshaft, 48 valve, 5,935cc, V12
Front mid-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive
Fully catalysed stainless steel exhaust system with active bypass valves
Max power: 573 PS (565 bhp) at 6,750 rpm
Max torque: 620 Nm (457 lb ft) at 5,750 rpm
Acceleration: 0-60mph: 3.7 secs
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h: 3.9 secs
Max speed (estimated): 328 km/h (205 mph)
Two-seat, two-door coupe body style
Extruded bonded aluminium VH body structure aluminium, magnesium alloy, composite and steel body
Extruded aluminium door side-impact beams
Halogen projector headlamps (main beam)
High Intensity Discharge headlamps (dipped beam)
Black headlamp bezels
LED rear lamps
Clear rear lamps with a black border
Carbon fibre front splitter and rear diffuser
Rear mid-mounted ‘Sportshift™ III; seven-speed automated manual transmission with electronic shift-by-wire control system
Alloy torque tube with carbon fibre propeller shaft
Limited-slip differential
Final drive ratio 3.7:1
Length: 4385 mm (inc. front number plate plinth)
Width: 2022 mm (inc. mirrors)
Height: 1250 mm
Kerbweight: (estimate)1665 kg
Fuel tank capacity:80 litres (17.6 UK gal/21.1 US gal)
Wheelbase:2600 mm