Vanquish Volante - Style. Class. And stunningly fun.


The Best Volante... ever

The Aston Martin Vanquish, the ultimate grand tourer, the stunning product of 100 years of Aston Martin Power, Beauty & Soul. How to enhance the character and capability of our Super GT? Simple; the same engineering expertise, the same dynamic performance, the same world-leading design - but the thrill of open top driving.

Vanquish Volante - The Ultimate Convertible


Sculpted Beauty & Strength

Proportion, presence, purity. Vanquish Volante delivers the most beautiful body-shape in its class. Subtle changes needed extensive design work. All new aerodynamically tuned decklid and tonneau. New full-height windscreen with glass directly meeting roof. First fully carbon-fibre skinned Volante. Taking something away allowed us to add so much more.

Easy to Look at. Hard to Achieve

Producing the same range-topping performance achieved in Vanquish Coupe in Vanquish Volante was an engineering challenge – a challenge we passed. Powered by the same AM11 V12 engine, acceleration of 4.1secs and peak power of 565 HP ensures this is the quickest accelerating Volante we’ve produced. It’s also the stiffest with a body which maintains all the dynamic agility of Vanquish Coupe.

Sophisticated Design & Technology

Vanquish Volante is the most technologically innovative convertible we’ve ever made, truly engineered to be a convertible. The three layer lightweight fabric roof takes just 14secs to fold, operating at up to 30mph. 1000W Bang & Olufsen BeoSound system monitors and adapts based on open-top conditions. Boot loading capacity is more than 50% higher than DBS Volante, the same if the roof is up or down.

Luxury from Top Down

All of the finishes, the authentic materials, the exquisite details from Vanquish Coupe – but more eyes will enjoy them. The all-new centre stack inspired by One-77 combines elegance and ergonomics. A cabin that can be tailored in thousands of unique colour and material combinations offers bold contrasts or subtle styling.

Vanquish Volante is our ultimate convertible, but it’s your design statement.

Purity through Evolution

2012 saw Vanquish unveiled to acclaim - exceptional technology combined with pure beauty. Our world-leading design team created a car instantly recognisable as Aston Martin but with a bold new look; lithe and honed, elegant and muscular. To create Vanquish Volante our designers worked to refine a convertible body shape. Retaining proportion and balance, ensuring exact aerodynamic performance, creating distinctive convertible styling. In our Centenary year we present the Ultimate Volante.

Great Design From Simplicity

A roof that's simple to use and simple to change. We designed Vanquish Volante without complication or clutter. Taking just 14 secs to remove, with just one button push, the lightweight fabric roof fits snugly beneath the tonneau cover with no impact on exterior styling.

What’s more, you don’t have to stop, the Vanquish Volante roof can be folded at up to 30mph

Sophistication & Power

“Vanquish Volante is a sports car, but more even than that it is the ultimate Volante. A car which follows a long line of elegant Aston Martin convertibles, this super GT is sculpted to convey sophistication as much as raw power."  - Aston Martin Director of Design - Marek Reichman

Exquisite Form, Advanced Function

Advanced carbon-fibre allowed us to create the now iconic Vanquish rear aero-duct. Optimised for Vanquish Volante this single moulded piece improves downforce and aerodynamic performance. Taking over two days to make, this integral part combines detailed craftsmanship and purity of form. Vanquish Volante also sees the subtle integration of the rear stop lamp, blending it into the surface of the decklid.

Designed for Performance

Only Aston Martin could create a convertible which maintained the aerodynamic performance of a coupe. Stability at speed. Sharp cornering. Minimised drag. The combination of re-engineered body panels and the advanced rear aero-duct help create lift balance whether the roof is up or down.

  • Maximum Power 565 hpat 6750 rpm
  • Maximum Speed 183 mphover 295 km/h
  • 0-62 mph 4.1 sec0-100km/h
  • Maximum Torque 457 lbs/ftat 5500 rpm
  • Maximum Revs 6750 rpmV12
Aston Martin Power
All-alloy, independent quad variable camshaft timing, 48-valve, 5,935 cc V12
Compression ratio 11.0:1
Front-mid mounted engine, rear-wheel drive
Fully catalysed stainless steel exhaust system with active bypass valves
Six three-way catalytic convertors
Max power: 573 PS (565 bhp) at 6,750 rpm
Max torque: 620 Nm (457 lb ft) at 5,500 rpm
Acceleration: 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 4.1 seconds (estimated)
Max speed: 295 km/h (183 mph)
Two-door Volante style with 2+2 seating
New generation bonded aluminium and carbon fibre VH structure
Aluminium, magnesium alloy and carbon-fibre composite body
Extruded aluminium door side-impact beams
Single bi-xenon headlamps with LED sidelights
LED light blade rear lamps and LED side repeaters
Rear-mid mounted, six-speed Touchtronic 2 automatic/sequential manual gearbox
Alloy torque tube with carbon fibre propeller shaft
Limited-slip differential
Length: 4728mm (inc. front number plate plinth)
Wheelbase: 2740mm
Width: 2067mm (inc. mirrors)
Fuel tank capacity: 78 litres (17.2 Imp.galls, 20.5 US galls)
Height: 1294mm
Weight: 1844 kg